Think Facebook is Just for B2C? Check Out These Great B2B Fan Pages.

The case has been made for Facebook’s value to businesses selling to consumers.  But many B2B companies are scratching their heads trying to figure out what Facebook can do for them.  Should they invest time and money maintaining a Facebook Fan Page?  What will the return be?  Where’s the real value?

A simple review […]

What's Your Website Grade -- and How Do You Improve It?

Are grades important to you?  Were you one of those students always striving for A’s?  Well, now you can put your website to the test!  Your website grade gives you answers to:  How well is your website doing?  Is it getting traffic? Does it have SEO problems? How popular is it in social […]

SEO 101: Top 3 On-Page SEO Elements You MUST Control

The SEO landscape is rapidly changing.  However, there are some basics that have not changed.  And they can make the difference in how you rank in the search engine results.  The key?  You need to take control of your website — control of the elements that matter.

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4 SEO Tips to Instantly Take Advantage of “Google Instant Preview”

Will Google ever stop changing?  Just when you think you’ve got SEO figured out, Google takes another turn.  Its latest new feature, “Google Instant Preview” certainly does help users quickly decide wither they should actually visit your web site.  The question is, how will it impact your SEO efforts?  This article sheds a little […]

Lead Nurturing Explained: 3 Tips to Increase Qualified Leads

So, you’ve responded to the hype.  You’ve added a few compelling offers to your web site.  Leads are starting to come in.  Question is, are they qualified leads?  Or are they simply a waste of your sales team’s time?  The quickest way to diminish sales respect for marketing is to send them a […]

How Much Traffic Should Your Small Business Expect From Search, Referrals & Paid Search?

Don’t have a lot of money to invest in Search Engine Marketing?  Want to know where you’ll see your biggest return?  Small businesses often wonder where they get the most bang for their buck when it comes to Search Engine Marketing.  Well, this article clearly proves that if you have to choose, organic search […]

Video Is Now A Must-Have Feature For Competitive SEO

Including video on your website is a great tool for improving your company’s SEO rankings.  Consider video a critical component of your Internet marketing strategy.

The article “Video is Now A Must-Have Feature for Competitive SEO” is a must read and provides great insight on the importance of video for producing successful SEO […]

Five Ways to Use Web Analytics to Become a Better Marketer

This article was originally published by Katie Farren in the HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing Blog.

Strategic marketers are continually collecting data and web analytics on their website, but what do they do with all this information?

As a marketer, data gathered online can be a valuable tool for improving strategies, adjusting budgets and other […]