How Do You Convert Website Visitors into Customers?

Getting found by your customers is so rewarding.  You’re developing great content and promoting it through social media and email.  You’ve optimized your web site and created a lot of inbound links.  Visits are up.  Now what?

Now’s the time to convert those visitors into leads.  How?  It’s simple.

Compelling Offers

It starts with a compelling offer.  Give customers a reason to share their contact information with you.  Can you provide a free service?  Product sample?  How To Guide?  A Research Study? If you fully understand your customers and how your service or product can benefit them, coming up with a compelling offer should be easy.

Once you have an offer, promote it.  Add a call-to-action button on your web pages.  Send out an email blast.  Tweet about the offer.  Get the word out.

Landing Pages

Once you’ve got the offer in place, the next step is to create a landing page to further promote the offer and collect contact information.   It should clearly state what you want the visitor  to do and how they should do it.  Whether they are seeing your offer on your web site or in a promotional email, they should be directed to a single place to take advantage of the offer.  The Landing Page seals the deal!

Lead Nurturing

You’ve got that contact information — a visitor completed the form on your landing page — now it’s a real lead.  What’s next?   It’s time to convert that lead into a customer.  For most businesses, there are a series of steps that move a lead down the sales funnel.  It could start with reading a blog article, connecting on social media, doing a free trial, contacting a salesperson and then signing the deal.  Lead nurturing is an automated series of emails enticing your leads to take the “next step” in the process — each email gets them closer to becoming a customer.

Now that you’re converting your website visitors into leads, it’s time to find out which marketing campaigns are delivering the best results.  This way, you can make smarter marketing decisions.

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What Muzz Marketing can do for you

  • Create compelling offers
  • Design call-to-action buttons
  • Create landing pages
  • Develop and implement promotional email campaigns
  • Capture lead intelligence (visits, campaign response, social media activity, etc.)
  • Establish and manage lead nurturing campaigns
  • Provide a Free Marketing Assessment
  • For more on what Muzz Marketing can do for you, see our Services Overview

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