Get Found Online by More Prospects - Optimize for Search Engines

Once you create compelling content, you need to make sure qualified prospects can find it online.  One of the easiest ways to get found?  Search engines.  When prospects do research on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you can take steps to ensure they find your content.

Keyword Optimization (on-page SEO)

Keyword Optimization is the process of placing your selected keywords (the words your prospective client enters into the search engine) in the “right” places on your web pages and blog articles so that the search engines know what your content is about.  If there’s a tie between your site and one of your competitor’s to rank for a certain keyword, the site that is better optimized will rank first.

Link Building (off-page SEO)

The single most important factor search engines use to value the importance of your site and determine if you should rank well for a given keyword is the number of other sites that link to you and the “quality” of those web sites.  How do you get other sites to link to you?  Of course initially you need to manually reach out and secure those links.  But after that, all you need to do is create compelling content that is worth sharing and quality links will accumulate.

What’s the next way to get found by your prospects?  Promoting your content though social media and email.

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What Muzz Marketing can do for you

  • Keyword discovery / recommendations
  • Competitor keywords assessment
  • On-site optimization of web page content, URLs, and meta data including page titles,  page headings, descriptions, and keywords
  • Inbound links assessment
  • Competitor inbound links assessment
  • Link building strategy and implementation
  • Provide a Free Marketing Assessment
  • For more on what Muzz Marketing can do for you, see our Services Overview