Get Found Online by More Prospects - Promote Your Content

You’ve created your compelling content.  Whether it’s a blog article, a new video, or a compelling offer.  Now it’s time to promote it!

Social Media

You can’t ignore it. Social media is here to stay.  There are hundreds of millions of people using social media every day.  You need to be there promoting the content and offers you worked so hard to develop on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In.

People who come to your website from a social media site are already interested — they wouldn’t visit if they weren’t.  But that’s not the only benefit.   Social media delivers the perfect combination of visitors, leads, and links.  And remember, more links mean higher search rankings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your target audience.  If you have a list of prospects (that have given you permission to market to them, of course), then have at it.  Promote your blog articles, videos and especially compelling offers.  Email Marketing is ideal for converting your prospects into customers.  The more often you reach out to prospects with information or offers you know will benefit them, the more you increase your odds of securing new customers.

Paid Search.

Paid search – also known as “pay-per-click” or “PPC” is an option for some companies.  With paid search, advertisers compete for keywords so they show up high in search results.  You can use your description to promote any special offers or new content.  The downside is, paid search can get expensive quickly.  Popular terms can range from $2 to $5 per click.  Regardless, paid search may still be a good tactic if you have a new website or offer and would like to quickly generate leads.  It is also a good way to test keywords.  You can tell which are popular based on click activity.

Traditional Marketing

There’s no question.  Internet Marketing is the best way to invigorate your business.  However, that doesn’t mean traditional marketing has no role.  In many cases, you still need promotional literature to leave with potential customers.  And your presence at tradeshows may be a necessity in your industry.  Advertising and direct mail are great ways to promote your content and compelling offers and drive visitors to your website.  Once you get them there, the conversion process can begin!

Through your compelling content, search engine optimization, and promotional efforts, customers are finding your website.  Now it’s time to convert those visitors into leads!

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What Muzz Marketing can do for you

  • Establish and publish content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Accounts (blog articles, press releases, compelling offers, etc.)
  • Create and place articles in article directories
  • Develop and implement Email Marketing campaigns
  • Develop and implement Paid Search (PPC) campaigns
  • Traditional Marketing (from concept through production)
    • Literature
    • Advertising
    • Direct Mail
    • Tradeshow Exhibits
  • Provide a Free Marketing Assessment
  • For more on what Muzz Marketing can do for you, see our Services Overview