What is Your Website Designed to Do?

It’s not just about the creative anymore.

Web design used to be like a contest.  Who had the flashiest intro or most creative layout.  Not any more.  We’re not saying design isn’t important.  It is.  From the perspective that the design ties in with your visual identity and with your messaging strategy.   You’re one company, and you need to look and sound like one company.  But web design goes beyond that.

Designed for Inbound Marketing.

When we talk about web design today, it’s about what your web site is designed to do.  And that’s generate business.  Your website is your foundation for marketing in today’s world.  A website designed for inbound Internet Marketing:

  • Built on a Content Management System for simple and frequent updates
  • Includes a Blog
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Features videos, photo galleries, and other advanced content
  • Promotes compelling offers and generates leads through landing pages
  • Links to social media accounts
  • Easily measured for performance

What Muzz Marketing can do for you

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